There is a saying that I heard recently and I think students and parents can both benefit from it’s message:

Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

The Five Ps when used effectively will put you in a position to capitalize on an opportunity.  As we all know opportunities sometimes never come or only come once in a lifetime.  When they do, we want to be prepared to take advantage of them.

Then there are the times when we KNOW we have an event coming that preparation will do nothing but help us.  These are the low hanging fruit of life.  Yet, for some reason we seem to always find excuses why it is ok for us to put of preparing and do something that provides immediate pleasure.

Preparing for the SAT and ACT are prime examples of this.  The vast majority of students simply don’t prepare enough using the proper techniques.

Don’t fall into this trap.  Remember the Five Ps.

Get some.

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