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This website is for parents and students who are looking to educate themselves about the college admissions process.  If that is YOU, then you have come to the right place.  Please be sure to check out our Questions and Answers pages where you can ask and read other families’ questions and our resident admissions experts’ answers.

This website is a resource for parents and students looking to educate themselves about and prepare for the college admissions process.  In a nutshell, the earlier you prepare, the better…that is only if you don’t like to stress out and worry about how you are going to accomplish so many things in a short amount of time!

The simplest way to succeed and achieve your/your child’s college acceptance goals is to prepare and prepare early.  It really is that simple.  The biggest problems families face arises from lack of planning and starting early.  This is exacerbated in both public and private schools where counselors and other parents try to convince astute and prepared parents that they don’t need to start preparing early.  This is flat out the biggest trap any parent or student can fall into.  DON”T DO IT! Prepare early.

How to Use This Site

We have organized this website into 5 main categories:

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We also have a question and answer section where parents and students can ask admissions experts their opinion on any topic when it comes to college admission.  This is free of charge.  You can also view past questions that are organized using the same categories listed above.  If you are a college admissions counselor and are interested in becoming one of our resident experts, please view our college admissions expert page for more information.